Audioguides for museums and exhibitions

May 17, 2019





аудиогиды для музеев аудиогид для выставок и галерей

Audioguides for museums and exhibitions

Winter / spring 2020 - work with large project
for one of the museums in Kamenetz Podolsky.

For the first time in Ukraine we delivered the latest equipment for museums and galleries. Audio guides for museums and exhibitions are not just convenience, but also a good way to earn money for the museum or exhibition.

Audio guides for museums and exhibitions are not only their delivery to Ukraine, but also their customization. We have carried out a large amount of work, namely:

supply and inspection of equipment
all customs formalities and their full legalization in Ukraine
equipment setup
translation of texts into 8 languages ​​(Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish and Italian)
work on recording announcers in a professional recording studio
installation and cleaning of sound
Download audio clips to the devices themselves

Of course, everything was completed on time and in the corresponding high quality!
Equipment for museums can be seen HERE. Also a video about our system in our YOUTUBE channel.

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