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Музей аудиогид


In Europe, America and other developed countries of the world, all modern museums, exhibitions and galleries use museum audio guides. For example, the Vatican Museums use 2000 audio guide systems in 10 languages. Each system is leased up to 20 times daily. Our equipment is used in the best museums and galleries in the world: Vatican, Statue of Liberty in the USA, Auschwitz in Poland, Marina Bay in Singapore, Imperial Palace in Las Vegas and many others.

What is the advantage of using museum audio guides:

– Any tourist who came to your museum with the help of the museum audio guide will receive the necessary information.

– any foreigner who gets to your museum will be able to receive information in his own language. Up to 30 languages ​​can be loaded into our systems.

– there is no need to maintain a huge staff of guides and guides to serve visitors.

– PAYBACK PERIOD 1 unit of audio guide – 1 month.

– If you rent the audio guide only 2 times a month, then your monthly profit will be $ 120. The average delivery of an audio guide is 5 times a day, respectively, the profit will be $ 300. And what if your museum has 10 of them?

The image, authority, modernity and recognition of the museum is an important component of the business, audio guides will help you achieve the best results of attendance and modernity.

What qualities and advantages do our museum audio guides have? The audio guides are equipped with an anti-theft system, which prevents the deliberate or unintentional removal of the device from the territory of the museum or gallery. This is done by equipping a special invisible exit frame. It is also possible to start the audio track through the infrared port.

The visitor approaches the object and has to bring the audio guide to the object and the track starts automatically. Another important plus is that each unit of the museum audio guide has 2 earphone outputs, that is, 2 people can use it immediately. Museum audio guides are the best solution. The museum must be modern.

You can receive detailed information and calculation by contacting us by mail or phone.

To ensure the comfortable work of the guide with a group of tourists, we suggest that your Museum purchase a tour guide system. The tour guide system consists of a transmitter with a microphone (for a guide) and receivers with earphones (for tourists).

The tour guide system “Voice Systems” is very easy to use. When you turn on the tourist receivers are automatically connected to the guide transmitter, no additional settings for connection are required. Because of its simplicity and convenience, the equipment is easy to use even for children and older people.

The system supports work on 99 channels, so many groups can work on the territory of the Museum and not interfere with each other’s work. The working time of the receivers is up to 40 hours, the working time of the transmitters is up to 17 hours. Battery charge time if it is completely discharged is 4-5 hours. Radio guide system is widely used for excursions, sightseeing around the world. This is the most modern and convenient way of conducting excursions for a group of tourists.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on all issues, choose the most suitable equipment for your facility. Contact us in any convenient form: by phone, e-mail, leave a request in the contact form. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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