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Museum audio guide TS-100 for self-study.

Код: TS-100

Price Upon Request $

Museum audio guide TS-100 is a unique solution for the price and quality! An absolutely new series on the market of audio guides with maximum simplicity and convenience. As a result, visitors experience absolutely no problems in use. The price includes only 1 unit of the audio guide. All additional equipment (chargers, installation software, Anti-theft function, IR self-start) must be purchased separately. Museum audio guide TS-100 is the best option when purchasing small batches of audio guides (up to 25 pieces).


The audio guide of the TS-100 system consists:

  • 1.3″ LCD screen, built-in speaker, 2 x 3.5mm headphone jacks
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and 8G memory _ Operating time without charging up to 20 hours
  • 32 programmable languages ​​/ up to 9999 tracks available
  • Built-in anti-theft function
  • Ability to work with hearing aids for people with disabilities
  • It is possible (for an extra charge) to supply equipment with the function of IR autorun tracks.

Additional features and additional equipment:

  • IR autoplay function for tracks
  • Infrared track activator
  • Anti-theft device. One device is needed for 1 exit, that is, if your museum has 3 exits, then you need to install 3 Anti-Theft devices. If output 1 – then only one.
  • Charging and downloading information system for 25 units.
  • Charging system for 25 units.
  • Cable for charging the audio guide (purchased if you buy a small batch of audio guides).
  • Software for downloading information to audio guides.

Model TS-100 is focused on long daily
use, so the production uses
high-quality durable materials, maximum
designed for long term use.

Audio guides support the possibility of both linear sightseeing and getting information about a randomly selected object in any language.

The device supports up to 32 languages ​​and 9999 tracks. This amount is enough for its maximum use.

Working time: 12-14 hours of audio track playback.

This is a very reliable and modern equipment!


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