Trips with our radioguides

May 16, 2019





Trips with our radioguides

экскурсии с нашими радиогидами

Our equipment works in many countries of the world.

We have already conducted excursions with our radio guides in almost all countries of Europe, as well as in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. We also visited with radio guides in Asia and Africa. Our equipment works in travel companies in Hungary, Poland, all the Baltic countries and the Caucasus, Moldova, Slovakia, Spain and Italy. Also in South America in Colombia and Brazil.



экскурсия с радиогидами в Европе

We are in Italy.

экскурсия с радиогидом Америка

We are in Argentine.

аудиогид для экскурсий купить киев

We are in Stambul.

радиогиды для экскурсий киев

We are in ITB Asia Exhibition.

tourguide_equipment_excursionэкскурсия с радио гидами купить

We are in Uruguay


We are in Brazil

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