Religious Activities

May 15, 2019





Religious Activities

Radio guide system “Voice Systems Travel & Conference” is widely used for support religious events, visiting religious places in many countries. The system is fully compliant with European quality standards.

It is possible to use the system for simultaneous translation of sermons.
To do this, listeners are provided with receivers (with earphones), and a sermon translator with a microphone. The devices are very easy to use, do not require additional configuration. Thanks to the simplicity of management, elderly people and children can easily cope with them.

The systems are also used for guided tours of religious places. At the same time, a transmitter with a microphone is located at the guide, and receivers with earphones from the excursion listeners. Using a radio guide system allows students to fully perceive information, without haste to inspect objects.


To start using the device, you should push the “On” button. The receivers will automatically connect to the transmitter. There are also volume buttons on the receiver.

The devices perfectly communicate at a distance up to 70 meters. One of the most popular kits for religious events is the TVS-10 kit for 10 receivers for listeners and 1 transmitter for translators. The battery provides power to devices. The working time of the receiver is up to 40 hours, the transmitter – up to 17 hours. If the battery is fully discharged, the time until the battery is fully charged is up to 4-5 hours.

Radio guide system “Voice Systems – Travel&Conference” supports operation on 99 channels at VHF frequencies of 195-230 MHz. Frequency sensitivity 50-18000 Hz.
There are no restrictions on connecting receivers to one single transmitter. All devices you can buy additionally in the future.

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