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May 18, 2019





Tour guide systems for tourism

Tour guide systems for tourism “Voice Systems Travel” system is widely used in all European countries for excursions, as the radio guide systems correspond to all European requirements of the quality standard.

In the modern world, the use tour guide systems for tourism and excursions is a common practice, a prerequisite for working with tourists. Your tourists will be able to perfectly hear the information, sightseeing without haste. Especially the use of the radio guide system is necessary in large cities and for large groups. The use of modern, convenient equipment is your undoubted advantage over competitors.

The tour guide system is very easy to use and consists of receivers with headphones for tourists and a transmitter with a microphone for the guide. When turned on, the receivers are automatically connected to the transmitter, no additional settings are required. There are no restrictions on the number of receivers that can be connected to one transmitter. Receivers support excellent communication with the transmitter at a distance of up to 70 meters.

There are only a few buttons on the tourist receiver, which makes its use simple and understandable for children and older people. On the receiver there are on / off buttons and volume changes and changes in the reception channel, if necessary.
The undoubted advantage of the system “Voice Systems Travel” is its modern appearance, the reception antenna is hidden inside the receiver / transmitter. Our systems are widely used around the world for various tourist excursions, religious tourism, visits to factories and plants.

The most suitable set for bus tours TVS-50 for 50 receivers for tourists and 2 transmitters for guides. Also one of the most popular sets for group excursions is the TVS-40 set for 40 receivers for tourists and 2 transmitters for the guide. For small tourist groups or individual tourists, the TVS-10 set for 10 receivers and 1st transmitter will be most suitable.

The system of radio guide “Voice Systems Travel” supports operation on 99 channels at VHF frequencies of 195-230 MHz. Frequency sensitivity 50-18000 Hz.

Power for receivers and transmitters is battery. The working time of the receiver is up to 40 hours, the working time of the transmitter is up to 17 hours. Battery charge time, if it is fully discharged is up to 4-5 hours. The TVS-40 and TVS-50 guide includes a charger for charging 32 devices simultaneously. You can also purchase additional chargers.

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