Holodomor Museum project “Audio guide for everyone”

Nov 25, 2020





Holodomor Museum project "Audio guide for everyone"

Музей Голодомора Аудиогид Музей голодомора Ауидогид Музей голодомора Ауидогид Аудиогид для каждого Аудиогид для каждого

Audio tour of the Holodomor Museum available in 33 languages

В The National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide  hosted a presentation of the international project of museum audio guides “Audio Guide for Everyone”.

Our company is proud to have contributed to such an important project for the history of Ukraine.

Museum workers, embassies, volunteers, translators, public organizations worked on the project. The company “Voice Systems Travel&Conference” provided the project with the most modern equipment for museums: audio guides, Anti-Theft system, designed content for audio guides.

You can listen to the tour in the Museum in 33 languages: Ukrainian, English, Croatian, Russian, French, Latvian, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese ), Swahili, Hindi, Armenian, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Greek, Kazakh, Persian, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Korean, Azerbaijani, Crimean Tatar.

Work on creating the project and recording audio tracks began in July 2019.

You can use the museum audio guide from 11/24/2020.

Learn about creating the infrastructure of museum audio guidesаудиогидов Details.

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