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Tour guide system “ear” 20 pcs.  receivers and 2 pcs. transmitters

Product Code: BS-20


Tour guide system “ear” 20 pcs.  receivers and 2 pcs. transmitters

The tour guide system “ear” includes 20 receivers and 2 transmitters and is used for conducting excursions, conferences, simultaneous translation, seminars, educational, and other events


The tour guide system BS-20 includes:

Transmitter with microphone for the guide – 2 pcs.

Receiver with headphones for tourists – 20 pcs.


Charger with 8 USB outputs – 1 pc.

Charging cable (4 micro USB) – 6 pcs.

In this model of tour guide system, there is a significant advantage. The system supports the operation of two transmitters for one group of receivers. This means that two guides can simultaneously work with one group of tourists.

The Tour guide system has the ability to operate on 100 different channels.

Powerful reception signal at a distance – up to 150 m.


Tourist receiver, technical specifications:

Working time without recharging – up to 24 hours.

Size – 3 x 65 x 14 mm

Weight – 20 grams

Guide transmitter, technical specifications:

Working time without recharging – up to 30 hours.

Size – 52 х 110 х 20 mm

Weight – 110 grams

Our company provides a 1-year warranty for transmitters and receivers. 


ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEM VOICE SYSTEMS (Differences from cheaper models):

The equipment has powerful batteries The raudio guides operate on powerful batteries, eliminating the need for recharging throughout the day. The receiver’s operating time is up to 24 hours (no need to charge every day). The transmitter operates for up to 30 hours, allowing for tours to be conducted even throughout the entire day. The receiver charging time is 4 hours, and the transmitter charging time is 5 hours.

Distance Supports a distance of up to 150 meters in open space (from transmitter to receivers).

Fast charging.
Even if the receiver is completely discharged, it takes up to 4 hours for a full charge.

Price. The price includes everything necessary: a charging kit for simultaneous charging of the maximum number of devices. From one socket, you can charge up to 32 devices.

Super modern external appearance. , the equipment has a stylish modern exterior appearance. The devices are super lightweight, convenient, and easy to use.

Warranty term: Our company provides a 1-year warranty on the equipment. Technical support is unlimited in time. We have been engaged in the sale and rental of radio guides for many years and will be able to fulfill your wishes.

tour guide system transmitter
tour guide system receiver
tour guide system transmitter
tour guide system tourism


Our main clients are:

Factories, manufacturing plants: Voice Systems equipment has proven itself excellently during excursions at enterprises, noisy productions, and factories. In such conditions, excellent sound transmission quality is very important. Our equipment works perfectly in such conditions.

Conferences for – Simultaneous translation: Voice Systems equipment works qualitatively and reliably to provide simultaneous translation.

City tours: The equipment supports a long distance (up to 150 meters) between the guide and the listeners.


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